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Committed to Climate

Our Committed to Climate marks recognise businesses who are committed to mitigating the effects of climate change by funding native trees— whether it's funding trees based on revenue throughout the year or it's your annual Christmas gifts for staff and clients. A mark is a great asset for your sustainability toolkit, and helps get the word out about your good business.

Any funder who reaches the tiers below will be automatically gifted a Committed to Climate mark. Once you have qualified for a mark, you can display the award in its entirety indefinitely. You will be able to qualify for the following year’s marks by funding the required number of trees in that year.

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Committed to Climate Tiers

There are three Committed to Climate Tiers - each with their own colour

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Fund 500 - 2000 trees and this mark will make your commitment to sustainability shine like our treasured and brilliant blue lakes.

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Fund 2000 - 10,000 trees and you’ll receive this mark, reminding us of the hiriwa (silver) colour, and the sense of national pride represented in our beautiful native ponga.

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Fund 10,000 or more trees and you’ll receive this mark, its golden hue reminding us of the glorious flowers of the Kōwhai tree representing the precious investment made towards the New Zealand environment.

Where to display your Committed to Climate mark

We’d love to see you proudly display your Committed to Climate mark as many places as you like! The files that we provide will allow you to use it digitally and on printed materials.

For example:

  • Digital (website, email signature, social media, ads)
  • Collateral
  • Signage
  • Decals
  • Vehicles
  • Clothing

Ready to show your commitment to New Zealand’s environment?

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Terms and conditions

Committed to Climate is a programme offered by Trees That Count. To qualify for a mark, a business or individual must fund in excess of 500 native trees through Trees That Count within a calendar year. There are no fees associated with the Committed to Climate marks. Recipients of the mark must adhere to the Guidelines for Use when displaying their mark.