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Here you can download fact sheets about Trees That Count, find info on planting practices and what kinds of trees we're counting, plus get technical info about carbon sequestration.

We've also collated some regional and national planting info, plus a list of nurseries to help you get your planting projects off to a great start.

Introducing Trees That Count

An overview of Trees That Count

Download - File size: 485KB

Trees That Count For Planters

How we work with planters around the country

Download - File size: 680KB

Planting guidelines

Best practice on where, when and how to plant native trees

Download - File size: 382KB

Planter agreement

How Trees That Count and planters support and celebrate the work we do.

Download - File size: 1679KB

Planting Criteria

A starter on what native trees 'count' for carbon sequestration.

Download - File size: 166KB

Carbon Sequestration

The technical information on how native trees sequester carbon .

Download - File size: 418KB

Trees That Count for Landowners

How we can help landowners to plant or regenerate native trees.

Download - File size: 464KB

Planting for schools

A guide for schools who want to plant native trees

Download - File size: 792KB

Bulk Gifting Guide

A guide for businesses who want to gift the planting of native trees to customers or staff.

Download - File size: 458KB