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Plant a native tree and help make a big difference

If every New Zealander planted a tree then together our impact could be mighty. Dig into your pocket and gift or donate a native tree, or dig a hole in your backyard and plant one. Future generations will thank you for it.

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Be part of the change. Start here!


Plant trees

Planting native trees at home or want to start? Add native trees you’ve planted to our count or get some tips on how to plant in our resources section.


Donate trees

Love New Zealand and our trees? Donate a native tree for just $10 and you can be sure it will result in a tree in the ground, in planting projects across the country.


Gift trees

Grow our land, not our landfill and gift native trees to friends or family. For just $10 you can give a gift that will last a lifetime.



Open a Tree Registry to replace gifts for any special event. Share your registry and get your friends to donate. The native trees you fund together will be planted on your behalf.

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Every New Zealander can help grow a brighter future. Plant a native tree in your backyard, gift a native tree to celebrate someone special, or help fundraise for more of these national treasures

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Why native trees?

There are hundreds of reasons to back our incredible native trees: find out about some of them here.



Planting guides

Learn how to plant a tree, or find out where to buy them.


Get on board

Check out the funders and planters who are leading the way to a brighter New Zealand.

Plant • Gift • Donate

More native trees in the ground means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, thriving industries and stronger communities.