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The business gift with a forest-load of benefits

We make it easy for your business to arrange waste-free gifts to clients or staff that also deliver positives for New Zealand's ecosystems, waterways, biodiversity, land, and people. Native trees are the gift that keeps on giving: every tree you gift will be planted by a community-based planting project in Aotearoa.

Whether you’re a big or small business, for just $10 (tax deductible) a tree, it's easy and affordable to gift native trees. Your recipient will be emailed a beautiful gift certificate with your customised message, and an update when their tree has been matched to a planting project, reminding them of your thoughtful gift.


Gift native trees to staff and customers

Not looking for business gifting? Buy and send gifting certificates one by one.

Other ways to fund trees

Fund a tree as an individual or family

Whether you fund 1 tree or 100 trees it all counts. We match your donation with a planter and you can be sure it will result in real native trees in the ground.

Fund trees as a business

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, by funding native tree planting projects. Receive a personalised Tree Profile and get on the Leaderboard.

Gift a tree to someone special

For little more than the price of a card (and way more sustainable!), you can gift native trees to friends and family, no matter where they live.

Create a Tree Registry

A Tree Registry is a great way to help crowd-fund for more native trees and have them planted on your behalf. Its a great way for a business to raise funds for native trees.