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What's up with wetlands, anyway?

A plain old bog might not seem the most appealing of ecosystems: they’re still all too often drained to be put to some ‘productive’ use. Truth is, though, wetlands are the under-appreciated champions of the ecological world. Here’s five reasons we love ‘em.

  1. Wetlands are like the ‘kidneys’ of the earth: filtering, cleansing, detoxing, and improving water quality. Just like kidneys are vital organs, it’s a vital function to help everything else survive and thrive.

  2. With their excellent capacity to absorb rain quickly and release it gradually, wetlands are a big help in mitigating flooding risk. This same ability to stabilise water levels helps keep shores and riverbanks intact, too.

  3. In New Zealand, DOC reports that wetlands support the greatest concentration of wildlife out of any other habitat.

  4. Wetlands are surprisingly significant areas for recreation, both in te ao Māori and for tourists. They can be enjoyed for boating, fishing, swimming and bird watching in ways that are respectful of the habitat and its inhabitants.

  5. Today, 90% of Aotearoa New Zealand’s original wetlands have been lost—and, sadly, losses are continuing to occur. Please help spread the word about the importance of wetlands!

We support a number of planting projects based around restoring wetlands—check them out here. Donate a native tree or send a native tree gift to a friend, and you might just be helping to rejuvenate one of these awesome ecosystems.