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Five small changes for a big impact this Earth Day

We at TTC firmly believe that small actions can help change the world: so here's a quick five for the planet this Earth Day. 

Start composting, or a worm farm

Reducing waste is always a win. Check out this guide on starting to compost from our pals at Mitre 10, or if you’re stuck in an apartment, check out services like Kaicycle that may operate in your area. Best of all, compost can be used to help native plantings thrive!

Reduce short car trips

Transport is our country’s biggest carbon emitter—and it’s great for us to get moving, too. Think about what trips you can reasonably give up for a fun cycle or walk. To help out if you’re heading shopping on foot, we have three cool ShopBags from our friends at GenLess to give away. Email us to win.

A drop in the bucket

This one’s a hot tip to stay cool from a planet-friendly member of our team: keep a bucket in the bottom of your shower to collect water for the garden. Your plantings will love you, and so will your water supply.

Shop local

We heard a lot of messaging through COVID around supporting local businesses. It’s still the bees knees. It’ll also make it easier to reduce short car trips, and you never know what hidden gems you’ll find around the corner. Checking out any refilleries in your area is a great place to start!

Gift native trees

What if we told you we have the perfect any-occasion gift? It’s easy, meaningful, can be sent anywhere around the world, is just $10, and actually sequesters carbon instead of creating it. That’s right, it’s a native tree. You send the e-card, we’ll get it planted.