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Making a Collective Impact

The Collective are best known for their commitment to bringing New Zealanders the most delicious yoghurt —but as they celebrate the past ten years of legendary products, they also look forward to their charitable and environmental journey ahead.

“We're taking a holistic approach to business,” explains Senior Brand Manager Casey Hume. “As part of our journey, we’re reconsidering the impact of our decisions on our staff, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.”

Six months ago, The Collective launched their first range in recycled plastic – The 700ml pourable Kefir yoghurt bottle. They’re the first yoghurt company in New Zealand to use recycled plastic packaging and are excited to have seen them roll out nationally.

“Recycled plastic bottles are by far the most sustainable option for our supply chain and aim to reduce the amount of new plastic we create, by over 35 tonnes a year," says Casey.

The pourable kefir bottle also sports a Trees That Count logo: and every bottle sold contributes to planting native trees for greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, and stronger communities.

So far, this totals 1,130 new native trees planted in New Zealand thanks to The Collective, with more to come.

The impact of The Collective’s commitment is clear, with six planting projects in areas as diverse as Auckland, Tasman, Waikato and Hawkes’ Bay benefitting from the native trees they’ve funded in 2020.

At Te Papa and Tōtara Creek, the native trees will assist with riparian restoration. In the Waikato, they’re reforesting farmland at Cheddar Valley. And in Auckland, the Pakiri Community Landcare Group plants for the benefit of the local school and wider community. 

The Collective employs 120 New Zealanders and are thrilled to see the benefits of their funding also supporting local communities.

“We are taking this journey very seriously,” Casey explains. “It’s quite easy to slap something on a product, but you really have to mean it and follow through. We hope everyone is just as excited as we are to start making the change.”