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From little seeds grow mighty trees

Trees That Count was born out of a simple question, "How many native trees are planted in New Zealand each year and could we plant more to help mitigate climate change?"


Millions of trees have been added to the count, and with the support of New Zealanders we can help people plant millions more

In November 2016, Trees That Count was launched. We’re building a movement to help New Zealanders to plant millions more native trees. It’s about planting the trees that count – for restoring and enhancing our environment, for biodiversity, for climate change.

Let’s face it, with all the complexity of technology around us today, native trees provide us with perhaps the most powerful, yet simple, technology of all to take positive action for our environment.

Our native trees not only sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but they provide habitat for our native birds, better water quality in our streams, and more beautiful places for future generations to explore.


For all of us, they provide a sense of wellbeing and belonging that reminds us of what it is to be a New Zealander.

Every single native tree counts, and with your help, the future is looking brighter for all of us.