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New Zealand needs millions more native trees to combat climate change and restore the environment

We've built New Zealand's only community marketplace connecting native tree planters with funders

There are currently native trees available to planters from Trees That Count

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We've been championing native tree planting for over 25 years

Today, the tree count's at

There are heaps of ways you
can help grow the count

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We’re crowdfunding for a native forest for every baby born in 2018

Let’s act on climate change now for future generations.
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Many hands make light work

How many native trees are we planting in New Zealand? Could we do more? With your help we can.

Trees That Count is building a movement to help New Zealand plant more native trees.

It's about counting how many native trees that you great Kiwis already plant each year, and helping to plant more.

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Our majestic native trees improve our environment

All trees suck up some carbon. But we want to plant trees that count – for climate change, for biodiversity, for restoring and enhancing our natural environment. Native trees. Let’s plant more for an altogether greener Aotearoa.

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