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Gifts that will last for generations

Looking for a gift that will stand the test of time? Native trees last for hundreds of years, they're the perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues or customers.

You can gift trees anyone you like and we’ll get them planted in community-based projects across New Zealand, on behalf of your recipient. Your recipient will be automatically emailed a gift certificate outlining their gift (you get to choose the certificate design and when you want them to receive it). And for only $10 per native tree, you’ve given someone a gift to last a lifetime.

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How gifting works

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Select a theme for your occasion
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Schedule the date and time to deliver
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Personalise your message
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Gift a native tree planted in your recipient’s name
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We’ll let you and your recipient know where your tree will be planted
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More native trees in the ground, thanks to your generosity

Bulk gifting

Want to gift to lots of people at once? Our bulk sending service makes it super easy to gift to more than 20 people, and we manage it for you.