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Greener whiteboard sales with Boyd Visuals

For the past 40 years, Boyd Visuals has been creating better workspace environments. Now, as one of Trees That Count’s newest funders, they’re improving New Zealand’s natural environment too.

Boyd Visuals specialises in manufacturing whiteboards and office furniture that provide effective solutions to business needs, whether it be a fully custom design or a simple writing board.

“We are an innovative business who love new products, but some things are best left the way they are – like native forests!” Boyd Visuals’ project manager, Emily Justice, says.

“We want to see more native trees planted in Aotearoa so our flora and fauna can thrive.”

Since partnering with Trees That Count, Boyd Visuals has funded 500 native trees for the Motukauri Whakaora Estuarine Restoration project in Hokianga. This project is working with local iwi and hapū to improve water quality and reintroduce a diversity of coastal plant species to the area.

By funding trees for this project, Boyd Visuals is aiding in the revitalisation of the rich natural landscape and bringing back indigenous biodiversity to the area.

“We recognise how we are lucky to live in a beautiful country like New Zealand and we believe it is our responsibility to ensure there are flourishing native forests,” Emily says.

The Kiwi-owned company also implements sustainable practices in their day-to-day business, including recycling used whiteboards, composting, and sourcing products made from predominantly recycled materials.

They have recently created an Environmental Committee to keep the company on track for their sustainability goals – including ensuring their ongoing commitment to funding trees through Trees That Count.

Being a funder with Trees That Count is the beginning of Boyd Visuals ongoing commitment to the environment: we’ll fund native tree planting every year,” Emily says.