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Showcasing the benefits of native tree planting

Showcase Workshop founders Millie and Adam Blackwell didn’t initially approach business with a strong green message: but it soon became clear that their sales presentation software had massive potential for positive environmental impacts.

Showcase Workshop’s software allows users to ditch dated paper presentation methods, storing sales material digitally so it’s all in one place: ready to present screen-to-screen, or fire off via email. 

“At its core, the company is about saving paper,” Millie explains. “Using Showcase to distribute marketing materials means that you’re reducing your carbon footprint exponentially.” 

Millie and Adam had always been interested in contributing part of their business profits to charity, and focusing on trees naturally aligned with the business’ inherent paperless benefits.

“While I was initially focused on the National Parks within the USA, a friend suggested I look for a smaller charity where my donation can make a bigger difference,” says Millie. 

“Once I got to doing the research, I became caught up in the idea of native trees being the best choice for New Zealand for so many reasons - supporting ecosystems, biodiversity, and being appropriate to the land they’re planted on.”

Now in their third year of funding, Showcase Workshop is the 19th top funder of all-time on the Trees That Count funder leaderboard, with 2,580 trees funded. Their ‘Forest Releaf Fund’ makes a quarterly donation to Trees That Count. 

“Every week at our Monday meetings we get a sense of how much we’re building up for our quarterly donation—in some ways it’s the best indicator for the team of the health of the business.”

In effect, Showcase doubles their environmental impact through donating native trees. “Every 8,500 slide views means a tree’s worth of paper saved,” Millie notes. “So for every 8,500 slide views we donate a $10 native tree. One tree saved, and another planted.”

Millie and Adam know their customers have noticed the difference made through their Forest Releaf Fund donations. 

“Every quarter when we announce our donation amount, we’re sure to receive emails saying how great it is to be a part of.”