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Applying for native trees

Find out more about the types of projects we support at Trees That Count, and get some tips for your application.

Things to bear in mind

  • Applications for free trees from our marketplace for 2020 projects are now closed, but you can apply for your 2021 planting projects
  • We’re especially keen to support permanent native forest projects, or plantings that will have significant community or ecological outcomes.
  • The available trees we have to give away changes depending on the funding received. We may not be able to help you immediately, but we’ll keep your application open if it meets our criteria, in case we can support you in the future – so don’t be shy about applying for what you need so that we can see the demand that exists from the planting community.
  • The minimum number of trees we will fund is 100 trees.
  • Any type of landowner is able to apply for trees, but we don’t support private landscaping projects or provide trees for your home garden.
  • You must show a track record of having planted a minimum of 50 native trees to be eligible to apply for trees.
  • You must first add all the trees you have already planted to our "count" before the "apply for trees" button will become active.
  • We only fund trees or shrubs that are capable of reaching 5m in height. Check out the common species here.
  • We don’t provide direct cash funding, instead, we usually pay your preferred nursery direct, unless you have your own community nursery in which case you can invoice us.
  • We’ll usually give you roughly the number of trees that you have planted in the past, so for example if you’ve planted 200 trees so far, it’s unlikely we would support an application for 5,000 trees.
  • Native trees you plant need to be endemic to your area, and eco-sourced.
  • You will be required to provide us with monitoring data about the trees we fund so that we can ensure they are well cared for. It’s super easy, and we have resources to help if it’s your first time monitoring.
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Applying for trees from Trees That Count is a breeze. We're thrilled to be helping planters all over New Zealand to get more native trees into the ground.

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More native trees in the ground means greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, thriving industries and stronger communities.