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A giant of the ancient forest known as the legs of Tāne Mahuta, holding apart the sky and earth and allowing light into the world.

Agathis australis
Can grow as high as
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More about this tree

  • A mighty tree of New Zealand forests, growing up to 50m tall, with trunk girths at 16m. But all this growth takes time: kauri can live for over 2000 years.
  • Māori used kauri timber for building houses and boats, and for carving. Gum was used for fire starting.
  • The arrival of Europeans saw the decimation of kauri forests. They were used for ship masts and as sawn timber for house building.
  • Kauri gum was also used for resin based products such as furniture polish. This was obtained by climbing into the treetops, digging below, or more drastically, ‘bleeding’ live trees. 
  • Tall trees like kauri in our forests often have other plants as epiphytes growing in the upper branches.