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Now a staple of the modern garden, in the wild kāpuka (also known as broadleaf or pāpāuma) often starts life as an epiphyte on a host tree or fallen log.

Griselinia littoralis
Can grow as high as
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More about this tree

  • Kāpuka is a versatile garden plant as it grows in a wide range of conditions and soils and its glossy evergreen foliage can be trimmed to a range of shapes.
  • In the native forest it is found from the coast through to areas up to 1000m above sea level, and while coastal conditions tends to limit growth, further inland they can grow to 20m tall.
  • The thick green leaves are smooth and shiny, with a wavy edge. They are loved by grazing animals and possums.
  • Clusters of small white flowers appear in spring, attracting honey bees and nectar feeding birds.  
  • Kāpuka's tiny black berries are bitter, but edible.