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Just one tree makes

all the difference.

When you give a native tree, you're helping build something big and beautiful. Here's how:

They're keeping it clean downstream

Native trees clean up waterways and protect ecosystems: stabilising soils, reducing sedimentation and moderating waterflows. They help to absorb nutrient run off from intensive agriculture.

Stu Muir
Conservationist, Dairy Farmer

They're awesome playgrounds

Native trees are awesome for climbing, jumping, swinging, and hiding in. And sometimes falling out of...

Jonty, Age 8
Tree Climber Extraordinaire, Aspiring Planter

They grow healthier minds and bodies

Native trees improve our mental wellbeing and health. Studies show that adults and kids who spend more time in nature are healthier physically and emotionally.

Dr Hinemoa Elder
Nature Advocate, Youth Forensic Psychiatrist

They're here for thousands of years

Native trees can live for thousands of years. They keep thriving and adding to Aotearoa's indigenous biodiversity.

Eliza McCartney
Environmental Science Student, Olympic Athlete

They're reducing the effects of climate change

Native trees store carbon from our atmosphere and help reduce the effects of climate change.

Sir Stephen Tindall
Trees That Count Patron, Philanthropist

They're home to our native birds and bugs

Native trees provide homes for our native birds, bees, lizards and insects. The survival of some of our most precious native species relies on having native trees to feed on and live in. And our forests, gardens and local reserves provide the best outdoor classrooms in the world!

Ruud 'the Bugman' Kleinpaste

They're helping us learn

Our native forests provide learning opportunities at many levels of education, and there is evidence that some forms of learning are enhanced in natural settings.

Isla & Darcey, Age 7 & 5
Future world-changers

They're woven into our culture

Native trees are culturally and spiritually important to us. The positive impact native forests have is vitally important to the mauri (life force) of our ecosystems. They are helping us in our role as kaitiaki.

Nadia Cooper
Whenua Kaitiaki

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