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Westpeak™ New Zealand reaching new heights in sustainable innovation

The Westpeak team helping plant at Atarau Sanctuary, who they support through Trees That Count

A family-owned business in Greymouth churns out more than just quality workwear: they’re creating a circular economy to help keep Aotearoa green.

Westpeak™ New Zealand, established in 1994, is known for their supply of a huge range of long-lasting apparel and PPE. 

Since their inception, they’ve expanded the company to cover aspects like bespoke design, a purpose-designed apparel management system, and an in-house branding service.

Perhaps lesser-known, though, is sustainability, which underpins everything the Westpeak team do.

“We’re very aware of our role in the clothing industry: the impact it has on our planet, the emissions it creates,” notes Courtney Thompson, Head of Marketing for Westpeak. 

“Although we can’t change everything overnight, we’re on a journey to take up social responsibility for our impacts, and improve our sustainability efforts.”

The range of innovations this journey has inspired is impressive. The new Westpeak™ Aspiring Eco Shoe, for example, is made from recycled plastic bottles.

“We’re currently creating an end-of-life plan for our garments to repurpose them, rather than them ending up in landfill,” Courtney explains, “and also investigating how we can use recycled or compostable packaging.”

Likewise, Westpeak™ New Zealand donates a percentage of profits from their own Westpeak™ product range to their environmental fund, which is focused on seeing very real and tangible change.

“Every product purchased helps fund the planting of native trees through our partnership with Trees That Count,” says Mark Simpkin, Director. 

“It’s one of our most rewarding projects—Westpeak has a goal to plant a minimum of 500 native trees per year right here in NZ.”

In 2021, Westpeak blew this target away, funding 700 native trees through the Trees That Count marketplace for a project very close to home: the Atarau Sanctuary.

“The native trees we fund at the sanctuary help to protect the endangered Great Spotted Kiwi,” Mark says. “Last year, there were four kiwi in the sanctuary who were monitored before being released back into the wild.”

So far this year, Westpeak and its customers have helped to fund 345 native trees, which will support the local Clean Streams Karamea group in riparian planting on farm waterways.

“It’s important to us that not only does our company give back, but that our customers can be involved in this journey,” says Courtney. 

“With this in mind, partnering with Trees That Count is a perfect fit—our customers love seeing a small portion of their money being used to give back to the community.”

It’s clear that Westpeak’s stated value of continuous improvement is helping to make a real impact for Aotearoa’s biodiversity—and also makes them a standout among businesses.

“We’ve had not only customers, but also other businesses ask how we started this partnership as they’re keen to start something similar. I think this is showing real positive change,” notes Courtney.

“We’re humbled to be partnering with an organisation that helps protect Aotearoa for future generations. We know that we can’t do everything—but everyone can do something.”