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Kiwis doing the mahi for our climate: one million native tree milestone reached

Environmental charity Trees That Count is thrilled to have reached a million native trees funded for planting in Aotearoa New Zealand through corporate and individual generosity.

Trees That Count is celebrating the mammoth milestone of one million native trees funded via its online platform.

“This is so much more than just a number on a page,” says Robyn Haugh, CEO. “This is about real native trees going in the ground and being cared for by dedicated planters in every corner of the motu.”

The million native trees have the potential to deliver enormous impacts for all New Zealanders.

“According to recent research by Tāne’s Tree Trust, native trees sequester much more carbon dioxide than the ETS currently allows for,” explains Robyn. 

“The million native trees funded through Trees That Count have the potential to sequester more than 22,000 tons of CO2 over the next fifty years: an incredible contribution to our climate targets.”

The benefits are also much broader than carbon sequestration.

“Native trees mean homes for our native birds and invertebrates, cleaner waterways, better quality soil and land, healthier ecosystems, and rest and recreation for our people. 

The benefits of native trees are literally too numerous to count.”

The million native trees have been donated by generous individuals and businesses and distributed to over 1,000 community planting groups, landowners, iwi and schools by Trees That Count.

The Trees That Count online native tree marketplace, where funding is matched with native restoration projects, is the first of its kind in New Zealand: and possibly the world. 

“The ability for all New Zealanders—even those without green thumbs or appropriate land—to send a $10 native tree gift is such a special opportunity,” says Haugh.

Over 25,000 individuals and businesses have participated in planting or donating native trees through the Trees That Count marketplace.

“We believe every business should have the opportunity to improve environmental outcomes by funding native tree planting,” says Melanie Seyfort, Head of Partnerships. 

“Over 700 businesses of all shapes and sizes—from the likes of Mazda and Air New Zealand to local coffee shops and artists—are already on board with Trees That Count, and that number grows every week.”

Meanwhile, the planting groups supported are equally delighted to be a part of the movement.

“The support from Trees That Count donors over the last few years has meant over 500 more native trees in the ground at our place,” says Jim Robinson, a Bay of Plenty planter working with his wife Nikki to reforest their three hectare property. 

“We’ve been able to get healthy seedlings from locally sourced seeds, and now have species like kahikatea, ngaio and tōtara in the ground, with the tallest over three metres high.”

“We’re so appreciative of people’s goodwill,” Jim says. “We’re doing everything we can to grow a healthy area of forest, and are really seeing the impacts for our biodiversity.”

“It’s incredible to help projects like Jim’s, and their impacts, grow year on year,” says Robyn. “We’re looking forward to working together for the next million!”


Watch the video: Celebrating one million native trees