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Love letters from Hong Kong

Volunteers plant native trees funded by Tracy's firm on beautiful Waiheke Island

Last year Kiwi ex-pat Tracy Tsui co-ordinated the donation of 1,000 native trees from two companies in Hong Kong. We took a moment over lockdown to correspond with one of our coolest corporate funders.

It’s no secret that Trees That Count has supporters in some far-flung places. But with so many good causes worldwide, Foremind Printing and Packaging Company’s decision to plant native trees on New Zealand soil is special.

While tree planting might seem like an obvious choice for a paper company, Tracy Tsui’s decision to support Trees That Count is rooted in more than environmental offsetting.

“I moved to New Zealand when I was 13 years old. I went on to train as a nurse at Auckland’s AUT, but after I married my husband we could not pass up the opportunity to return to Hong Kong and run the family printing business.

“For me it was really important to maintain my connection to New Zealand, and to support tree planting where you can see (and count) the results!”

“Our company prints packaging, boxes, hang-tags and all paper related products – which makes it sound like we are getting through a lot of trees!”

With papers made from textile waste, elephant dung, sugarcane, hemp, coffee and corn husk Tracy and her team are really turning traditional approaches to printing upside down.

“Our strategy is to move to tree-free printing,” Tracy tells us.

“It’s a journey, but we are working with suppliers in India, Cambodia and Nepal to raise awareness about different materials.

“People think elephant dung paper will smell, or that some papers are too rough. But we find tree-free paper provides a boutique, custom look that suits our customers.”

“Our aim is to have 50% of our products paper-free within a generation,” Tracy says.

Not only did Tracy get Foremind Printing and Packaging on the Tree Leaderboard, she also encouraged its parent company to support native trees too. That led to 500 trees being planted on Waiheke Island.

“I spent time on Waiheke Island with my family, tasting the local olive oil, wine and enjoying the beautiful native scenery.

“We know every decision we make has an environmental impact. Funding native trees through Trees That Count acknowledges and demonstrates clear results our customers can see.

“We are flipping the perspective on what paper is and building something more sustainable for the next generation. Trees That Count is the perfect partner for our work,” Tracy Tsui says.

Thanks to the support of companies like Foremind Printing and Packaging Trees That Count has supported Waiheke Resources Trust to plant more than 5,000 trees on Waiheke across four reserves.

However, there are still two large areas that require planting. This planting is significant as it would support some of the last older growth forest pockets that exist on Waiheke Island, providing habitats to rare birds such as the kākā.

Could your company help get this project across the line? Reach out to