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Guest Blog: Kōwhai Propagation Guide

Kōwhai are a great species to learn propagation from as they have a high germination rate and also use techniques applicable to other native seeds. They grow quickly and provide nectar for many native manu (and tasty leaves for kererū). Guest blogger Ellis (@ellisecologist) tells us how.

1. Collect the seeds from your favourite local kōwhai trees. Try not to collect them all from a single source!

2. Remove the seeds from their casings, and blow away the loose chaff.

3. With a nail clipper, nip the very end of the seed on the side furthest from the hilum (the eye). Not too much, or the embryo will be damaged. 

4. Soak in lukewarm water overnight, until the seeds are swollen.

5. Plant at least 2-5mm deep, and wait 2-3 weeks.

Ellis holds a BAdvSc(Hons) GIS and Applied Conservation. You can follow his native forest restoration adventures on Instagram at ellisecologist.