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Little wildlings empowered to make a big difference for themselves, and for Mother Earth

Most parents of school-aged Kiwis have come across the 'Aroha' book series. As well as empowering young children to guide their emotions, they inspire creativity, encourage ‘wildness’, and share knowledge about how to be Guardians of the Earth—the perfect fit with planting native trees.

The Wildling Crew came together to create powerful books for wildling’ children. Their relatable stories, interwoven with ways to deal with stress and anxiety, help Kiwi kids live a life they love where their wildness can shine.  

“We couldn’t think of a better way to give back to our wildlings than by planting trees for them,” says Bex Lipp, co-founder of Wildling Books and co-author of the Aroha series. 

Aroha Knows includes a guide on how to be Guardian of the Earth, with ways wildlings can help—and one of those ways is by planting trees. But as well as encouraging others to plant, Wildling Books donated 20c for every Aroha Knows book printed to Trees That Count. 

In Aroha Knows, we guide wildlings to think about how nature makes them feel, so they can begin to put together the good feelings that nature brings us. We wanted to support Trees That Count with every book sold as they aligned so well with our values. 

Wildling Books' readers have also really enjoyed the partnership.   

We have the most amazing customers,” says Bex. “They are thrilled to hear we are donating to plant native trees, because to carfor our wildlings, we must care about Mother Earth.  

The Wildling Crew is doing more than donating: they will also take part in a Greening Taupō planting day to help dig in some of the trees they have funded.   

Together, businesses, customers, and individuals can make a massive impact,” says Bex.  

We just love what TreeThat Count is doing, and we're thrilled to be part of it.”