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Get the word out about your good work!

One-year planting photo by Friends of Ōtaki River

Your planting efforts are vital for Aotearoa’s biodiversity, ecosystems; soil, water, and air health: and we always want to help you communicate about your great mahi.

Things we love to see

  • Transformations: before and after photos of your planting sites.
  • Action shots: we love the act of planting, and the people who make it happen!
  • Special moments: do you have a volunteer you want to celebrate? Maybe multiple generations are planting together? Or you’re planting at a new site for the first time?
  • Prep work and post work: we know there’s a lot more that goes into planting than just, well, planting. Photos of what you’ve achieved getting your sites ready or releasing are also more than welcome!

Tips for photos

  • Get up close and personal! If it’s a person, we love to see them clearly. If it’s a tree, it’s always easier to spot it amongst the grass or earth if you’re up close. The exception, of course, is if you’re taking a photo of a whole planting site.
  • Phone is fine. Most phones with a camera function will produce high enough quality photos to use for web or social media.
  • Get the okay: make sure any people featured are happy with their image being used—written consent is best! 

Tips for video

  • Think small: one minute max. You don’t need to try for Lord of the Rings. What about a short video of one person talking about their planting experience? Or a single tree going in the ground?
  • Things that are uninteresting or mundane for you are exciting for other people. You can take a handheld video of you putting your gumboots in the ute to plant: we’ll still want to see it!
  • If you can, place your phone on a surface where it won’t move around - perched inside a shoe, on top of a parked car - to avoid unwanted movement when filming.

Venues for your work

  • Social media: we’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag us in your posts and we’ll do our best to share.
  • There’s a story in every planting! If you’re keen to be featured in a story on our website, get in touch for a chat. (include an email address?)
  • Local media: occasionally our stories are picked up by keen local reporters, which is a great way to encourage and raise awareness about native planting within your community.

How to share your material with us