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Show your love for Aotearoa by growing a forest of the future

More than ever, Kiwis are enjoying all New Zealand has to offer: including our beautiful natural environment. Imagine if everyone who travelled around our beautiful country showed their love for Aotearoa by donating a native tree. 

Tourism New Zealand and Trees That Count have joined forces to make it easier for domestic and international visitors to create canopies of carbon-sequestering native trees for future generations to enjoy and to support efforts to address climate change.  

“Tourism is vital to New Zealand’s recovery, and it must give back more than it takes. We’re making it easy for people to leave a meaningful lasting legacy,” says Rene de Monchy, Interim Chief Executive Tourism New Zealand. 

Under the partnership, 1500 native trees have already been donated by people overseas who have either been to New Zealand or hope to one day. The trees will be planted across Aotearoa this year.  

“Encouraging people to donate trees is a very simple way to send a signal that we care about our natural environment, and invite others to do the same.” 

“We aim to see 5,000 native trees planted this year. This will create beautiful forests in communities across Aotearoa, increase biodiversity, and help remove CO2 from the atmosphere – it's a win-win.“ 

 To make it easy for people to participate, Tourism New Zealand will provide donation points on their website. i-SITE visitor centres across the country are also supporting the cause by installing donation QR codes, and will support any tourism operators who want to jump on board in the same way. 

When you donate a tree through Trees That Count, you can choose the region in which you’d like it planted, and will receive an email letting you know which planting project will care for the tree.

“Native trees help balance our carbon dioxide emissions,” says Adele Fitzpatrick, Trees That Count CEO, “but importantly, they also provide habitat for native species and help improve air and water quality in our communities.”   

“While we are currently facing the COVID crisis, climate change is the biggest crisis we will face as a planet and we must do what we can now to address this.” 

“New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and thousands of people enjoy this each year. At the point when someone has visited one of our stunning  forests or completed a great walk they are most likely to want to give back, this partnership makes it easier for them to do this and will benefit all of Aotearoa.”