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Bringing native trees to a classroom near you with Hyperlife

Trees That Count has partnered with Wairoa-based Jean Swainson Foundation to help teach Kiwi kids more about native trees.

The Foundation’s expert team of 3D modellers, artists, and game developers are creating a Science and Nature “Reforestation” game and digital resource for teachers to use in classrooms or via remote learning.

The foundation has already made three learning games, all of which are solid educational resources for use in formal learning environments, but are also fun and engaging enough for kids to play at home. This time, native trees will take centre stage.

“We know how important this educational resource will be for the next generation, learning about living sustainably and how to look after and restore the environment. We are excited to have made a few native trees to go into this virtual world: but we don’t yet have the funding to take this resource to a launchable stage,” Jean Swainson Foundation founder Cam Swainson explains.  

The Jean Swainson Foundation has partnered with environmental charity Trees That Count to run a twelve day Kickstarter campaign with the hope to raise the funds needed to launch the game.

“We’re delighted to work with the Foundation to help educate our tamariki, and to plant native trees in the real world as well as the virtual one,” Trees That Count CEO Adele Fitzpatrick shares.

Trees That Count runs the country’s only native tree marketplace, enabling people to fund or gift native trees online which are then given free to planting groups in the community. So far, we’ve helped New Zealanders plant over half a million native trees as a way to fight climate change and help our threatened biodiversity.

“Asking Kiwis for donations to plant trees in our digital virtual world alone felt weird, so we added a way to also plant trees in the real world. Hence our partnership with Trees That Count, to allow us to make change on multiple levels,” Cam says.

The Hyperlife Kickstarter campaign runs from Aug 30 to Sept 14, 4pm. Get behind it here: