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Planting safely under the COVID-19 Alert System

While we're all keen to pick up the spades and get trees in the ground as soon as planting season begins this winter, it's vital that we do so while keeping our families, planting communities, and the nursery staff we work with safe from COVID-19. Our team has put together a few guidelines for planting under Level Three and Level Two lockdown restrictions.

At alert Level Three:

  • Plant orders may be received from nurseries with contactless delivery or local pick up.
  • Plants may be purchased from nurseries with contactless delivery or local pick up.
  • Planting can be carried out on your own property, with members from within your bubble only.

At Level Three, plant nurseries will remain closed for browsing.

Tip: Phone your local nursery before you pick up to check if they are allowing contactless transactions.


At alert Level Two:

  • Plants can be purchased in-store at nurseries.
  • Planting can be carried out on private and public land.
  • Gatherings or planting days are limited to a maximum of 10 people (this will be reviewed in 2 weeks)
  • Community planting days consisting of no more than 10 people can take place providing social distancing and contact tracing requirements can be met. Planters should be advised to provide their own spades and gloves at these events.

At Alert Level 2, plant nurseries will be open for business with measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

You can find more detailed information at