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Tremendous women: Adele Fitzpatrick

With International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’re celebrating the many women who drive our work behind the scenes here at Trees That Count and Project Crimson. They’ve got advice on reaching your career goals, finding inspiration, and, naturally, some fave native tree picks.

Who are the women that inspire you today and why?

Women with sass who change things for the better.


What inspired you to get involved with helping our environment?

I don’t have a background in conservation or ecology, but I know that being in native bush is good for me. I feel calmer and happier when I get those great endorphins from going for a trail run or mountain bike ride with my dog and my mates. We’ve solved many problems while on a bush adventure. Being amongst our native trees and wildlife makes me want to look after them.

What's your advice to women wanting to work in NGOs?

My advice to any woman is to set your own goals and then go and smash them.


Why are you so passionate about the planting of native trees?

It’s so important that we plant more native trees to protect our ecosystems and the native flora and fauna we are so very proud of in this country. Planting a tree is a really simple thing to help make a difference to climate change – and if you can’t plant a tree, you can fund one through Trees That Count and we’ll make sure it’s planted for you.

What's your favourite native tree?

That’s tough, but it’s probably the climbing rata I planted in my garden.  It took a while to find its feet but now it’s happily climbing up a houpara, bursting into masses of tiny crimson and gold flowers every spring.