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Show your love for native trees this Conservation Week

It’s Conservation Week, Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Turoa! Right now, 4000 native species are either threatened or at risk, making it all the more reason to get involved this week.  Here's just some of the ways you can give back to nature this week, and show some love for our beautiful native trees.

  1. Plant a native tree! Not sure how? Watch our video for some useful tips and visit your local nursery to learn about what trees grow well in your region.
  2. Take the kids out and go climb a tree. We reckon nothing beats nature’s own playground – our native trees. Find a bush walk in your area and spend some time around our native rākau during conservation week.
  3. Gift a native tree for a birthday or special occasion. A native tree costs $10 to gift through the Trees That Count marketplace. Your gift will be planted in the community by one of our awesome planters, and we’ll send your recipient a certificate and update when their tree is matched.
  4. If you own a business, gifting native trees is a great way to say thanks to staff and customers this Christmas. We’re a charity so all your donations are tax deductible.
  5. If you’re planting native trees, add your trees to the count! Help us paint a picture about the planting efforts happening in New Zealand.
  6. Apply for trees to plant on your land to help clean up waterways, reduce erosion or restore native biodiversity.
  7. Learn more about our native trees and why they’re so important to protect. Our good friends at Tane’s Tree Trust have some awesome resources and heaps of interesting info on native species
  8. Spread the word. Let’s get conservation front and centre this week. Share this post, or something from your favourite conservation organisation.
  9. Attend an event in your region. Visit Department of Conservation (DOC) to find out what's happening in your neighbourhood.

As DOC says, nature needs us. Working together we can all help grow a healthier New Zealand for everyone!