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Mark the spot!

Moehau Environment Group is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Northern Coromandel Peninsula’s natural environment. 

Moehau Environment Group and Colville School have been planting together for over 10 years. "The Children's Forest" at Waikawau, northern Coromandel, is where the planting always takes place. This year 200 trees went into the ground. The natives were purchased from Colville Harbour Care nursery, meaning the seeds were locally and eco-sourced. 

Manuka, Kanuka, Ake Ake, Ti Kouka and Karo, were the gorgeous natives used. Each child painted a timber stake to stand next to their tree, so in the future when they return they’ll be able to identify which one is theirs (see the picture). Such an awesome idea! 

Prior to the planting an information session was held where the children and adults shared their knowledge on each tree; why it was chosen for that site, it's Maori and English names, ways to identify in the wild and it's uses. Making it an educational and bonding community experience. 

Arrangements to go back with the children to see their trees are in place for November and plans are also in the pipeline for next year’s planting. 

This is a beautiful project and collaboration. It’s so powerful and important to educate the next generation about our natives!