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Four families making a change on the beautiful North Taranaki Coast

Tongaporutu Dune Restoration is a collective of four families who are passionate about restoring the dune system they live on. 

Jan, the families' representative, described the land as an "area of special environmental and cultural significance". Located on the beautiful North Taranaki Coast, Umukaha Point is their home. 

The land once used to be bare paddocks for grazing cattle. The windy environment on this coast, along with the lands' use, was causing dune erosion. Recognising change needed to occur, the families decided to focus on halting the effects of this erosion. Over the past 15 years 7000 natives have gone into the ground and now stand overlooking The White Cliffs and Mt Taranaki. 

It has been a process of retiring several areas from grazing by fencing off the coastal ribbon. Having returned large swathes of land to native vegetation, beautiful karo, pohutukawa, taupata, five finger, tanguru and cabbage trees now fill the area. Jan commented "these hardy natives are the only trees which will survive the prevailing salt-laden south westerly wind". The group has used trees that can handle the conditions, which has resulted in success plantings. 

Through Trees That Count's marketplace these families have planted an additional 150 natives this year. The group sources trees that have been propagated locally and therefore suit the climate and conditions. With more plans in the pipeline, Jan "intends to apply for support from Trees That Count to plant 150 trees each year, contingent upon funding". Such an awesome project and we are proud to support it!