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An update from Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust!

We asked the Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust to give us an update on their planting. This is what Loran, a representative from that team said:

'We have been adding our plants to Trees that Count for a few years now. We grow eco-sourced native plants in our community based nursery, and we plant them in the Upper Clutha area. We have many sites where we have been planting for a few years
Trees that count helped us this year and funded 300 plants, which is amazing! Those plants were planted in 2 different sites by about 60 volunteers. We planted kowhai, totara, kohuhu, some olearia, broadleaves, cabbage trees, and even some southern rata and kahikatea. The climate in Wanaka is very challenging with cold and frosty winters, and dry and hot summers. There are also many rabbits that love the delicious taste of native plants... It means that in most areas we have to protect our plants with rabbit netting (it's quite expensive and time consuming but worth it). In summer, we organise watering and weeding sessions with our volunteers. Our planting sites are often along walking paths, so we have drums and buckets so anyone who walk pass can grab a bucket and water the plants (a lot of people help with that!).
This year we have planted around 3,000 native plants with the community!
Our current project is to expand our community based nursery as we are running out of space. Every year, we increase the number of plants we grow.
Every week, we organise 2 nursery sessions where volunteers come and help to grow and look after native plants.
So far, volunteers have donated 2,500 hours to growing and planting native plants in the Wanaka area!
Te Kakano has been operating for more than 10 years now. We are very grateful to be so supported by the community and local businesses.'
Such an amazing restoration project, that we are so proud to have supported!