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Waipa District Council flushing local areas with greenery

The Waipu Council are engaged with pursuing two extensive restoration projects around Lake Ngaroto and Kakepuku Mountain. Transforming these areas so they are flushed with natives and greenery is the Council’s focus. They hope the planting will reconnect the public with the land’s culture and history.

Lake Ngaroto is renown in the Waikato region, the tracks lining the lake are enjoyed by around 1000 visitors per week. As a hugely significant site, culturally and ecologically, effort has been exerted over the past five years to restore the lake’s margin. Many thousands of trees, shrubs and sedges are now sprawled along the riverbed. As land has recently been cleared, this has opened up a new planting opportunity, which via Trees That Count’s through Mazda’s support this is possible. Supplementary to this planting is the development of a cycleway to enhance visitors’ experiences, which is to facilitate connecting the Waipu public with the land.

The other project involves the reforestation of 5 ha of formerly grazed steep land adjacent to Kakepuku Mountain Historic Reserve. The mountain has diverse forest including some original remnants and high diversity of bird life. An active volunteer group is undertaking restoration and animal pest control throughout the wider reserve. There are still large areas to be planted, the Council believe this is a great opportunity to show the public how restoration of steep slopes can be achieved. The Council are focused on planting hardy trees, so that they can later add diversity to the planting and suppress weeds.

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Project Crimson was originally formed in 1990 to save pōhutukawa and rātā trees, and now is a broad-based conservation charity that manages native tree plantings, climate change initiatives and environmental education throughout New Zealand through our programmes Trees That Count and TREEmendous.


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