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Waikato Family passionate about teaching the next generation about nature's greatness

The Crichton family are motivated to restore their gorgeous property located in Waikato. With a vision to have it flushed with natives, so there valley is a sea of green. Over the past year they have dealt with a weed infested jungle and also commenced planting using locally sourced seeds.

Although the land is part of a recent subdivision, and is mainly grass and bare earth, it retains good connectivity to Te Mata creek and the associated native bush. Coromandel brown kiwi are in the area and one was recently observed a few hundred metres from the family’s land.

In their application for trees, Sandy wrote a beautiful piece discussing her purpose. She said “We are taking the opportunity to teach our children about the importance of the NZ bush and it is very much our hope that by involving them (and their friends) in our native landscaping project that we are encouraging (in some small way) the guardians of the future. By providing us with trees you will be enabling us to accelerate our plans and restore the land around our home much faster than we would be able to do if funding this entirely by ourselves. The resulting bush can then grow with our children.”

Such a gorgeous family to have received 100 trees from a range of individuals via Trees That Count’s marketplace. We are proud to support projects like this, that are lead by families with such passion for environmental change.