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Top tips for your winter planting

Spade in the dirt

Planting season has arrived! To make sure your planting project goes off without a hitch, here's our top tips from the experts.

We know it’s a busy time for all you planters! To make sure your winter planting projects are a success, we've pulled together our top tips for making sure those natives have the best chance of thriving and surviving.

We caught up with our Otago expert on the ground, Regional Advisor Paul Pope, for his words of wisdom.

Paul has nearly 30 years' experience as a seasoned land restoration practitioner and ecologist, so if you have plantings planned in the Otago area and need some advice - he's your man. Here's Paul's must-do list for winter:

1. It's a good time for tool maintenance, sharpening, sorting out handles and making sure your tools are ready for planting.

2. If you're part of a community group, or just working on your own it's time to look at your first aid kit, gloves and any other safety gear you might use.

3. Check your boots, clothing and wet weather gear for those tough winter days. Air out the thermals and your woollens. Clean tools and boots are good practice to reduce spread of weed seeds, myrtle rust and kauri dieback between planting sites.

4. Start thinking about having some soup in the freezer for warming up after those hard winter working bees. Even better, make enough to share with your volunteers.

5. Check your plans, sites and your suppliers that everything is in order for your projects.

6. Consider placing a bamboo stake beside each planted seedling so you can quickly check on survival and clear away any overtopping weeds.

7. Dream by the fire about your trees growing and needing their shade in the summer.

Already thinking about the next project? Let us know what you’re cooking up as applications are open for 2020 and 2021.