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Third year of Pakiri Community Landcare Group and Trees That Count partnering

The Pakiri Landcare Group’s mission is to create a lush native bush between Pakiri Regional Park and River. Trees That Count, through its funders, have supported their admirable conservation efforts over the past two years and is continuing to do so in 2019.

The next stage of their restoration is to plant around the wetland boundary region, filling it with gorgeous native Flax, Cabbage Trees, Carex and Manuka. The Community Group has been allocated 1000 trees to complete this work, thanks to Rodney Times, Tri Star and the Department of Corrections’ generous support.

The donation is ‘in care of Rodney Times’. After the debacle of three pōhutukawa trees being poisoned in Arkle Bay, a member of the public came forward anonymously and confessed to the wrong by donating $1500. Though this wouldn’t cover a fraction of the fine, the council decided to allocate the money to a Pohutukawa specific organisation. As a Pakiri based planting group received the funds, a town in the Rodney District, this in a sense helps restore the wrong that was done in Arkle Bay. Alongside Tri Star and the Department of Corrections support, the community group is now in a position to fulfill another planting milestone in their restoration program.