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Planting for the birds

The Black family are passionate about birdlife and are planting natives to encourage more to reside on their property. With a three hectare lifestyle block in the Bay of Plenty, the family are eager to transform it into a natural haven.

Currently the plan is to replant half of the land with natives, primarily planting bird attracting plants. As the Black’s live close to the Manawahe Trust for birds, they hope some will spread out beyond that sanctuary and into theirs.

Ian is involved in the community and is eager to share his work. He manages the environmental group at the local school and said in his application “I want to use my experiences with my students”. It’s thanks to a range of funders that the Black’s get to do this. Through Trees That Count’s marketplace 135 trees have been gifted to support their project. Showing the culmination of individual efforts actually amounts to something, showing every little bit counts.

About the author

Project Crimson was originally formed in 1990 to save pōhutukawa and rātā trees, and now is a broad-based conservation charity that manages native tree plantings, climate change initiatives and environmental education throughout New Zealand through our programmes Trees That Count and TREEmendous.


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