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Northland family undertaking land regeneration

Three years ago the Amhurst family purchased a 5 hectare property and took on the task of regenerating this land. Their mission is to reestablish native bush in the area. After having completed this task on 20 acres of covenanted land on their previous property, the family have expertise in the area and are eager to start fresh on a new project.

With a clear plan in place, the Amhurt’s next step is to plant on land that adjoins a bush on a neighboring property. Kaka, Bellbird and Kiwi inhabit this existing bush and through restoring all the land, the family hope this will increase these birds’ presence in the area. Pest control is regularly undertaken to support this mission and the Amhursts hope overtime Geckos will also be attracted to return to the property.

Having received 100 trees from Trees That Count’s generous marketplace, the Amhurts are able to work towards their project and goals.