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Hoddy Estuary Park Project

The Spray family alongside their community are planting the entrance of Hoddy Estuary Park. Their hope is that planting the berm area will reduce the noise pollution in the park whilst it will to the park’s aesthetic. On top of this, they want to encourage birdlife back to the area.

The Banded Rail Group and Apple Heights Planting Group have contributed to this project already by planting part of the area. Unfortunately with the drought some trees have not survived. The group have decided mulching this season will be important to help protect newly planted natives.

Through Trees That Count this project has been gifted 100 trees through a range of supporters. Their plan is for a row of cutty grasses and toetoe to line the front of the land, which will hopefully protect the species going in behind. Kathryn Spray recounted “can’t wait for the weather to be kinder, so we can start, probably beginning April.”

Thanks to Trees That Count's marketplace this community can continue completing their project and work towards a greener future.