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Family begin process of converting farm to native haven

This Kerikeri family are eager to convert their property into a native natural haven. The previous owners used the land for farming, as the Farrand’s are passionate about the environment they are keen transform the land into its pre-farm state.

The hope is that their efforts will be a catalyst for change, so neighbors will adopt similar planting and restoration plans. Farrand’s have commenced their project by fencing off over half a hectare of land.

Currently majority of the property is grass and only a small portion of it has planting on it. The family, alongside planting, are also trying to facilitate natural regeneration. As an orchard is on the property, people are trained and knowledgeable in weed control and plant care, meaning new plantings survival chances are hopefully higher.

Through Trees That Count the family have received 500 trees from our marketplace. This will help kickstart the families project, increasing the footprint of natives on their land and with luck birdlife might just drawn back to the area!