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Couple creating natural haven to grow children's appreciation for the environment

The Thompson family have a vision to create a diverse ecosystem. They’re goal is to create a space so children can freely experience and develop a love and guardianship for nature.

Over the past two years focus has been exercised towards establishing a Canterbury Mudfish Sanctuary. Their next step involves increasing the footprint of trees and shrubs on a portion of their land. Half an acre is ready for planting. Family and friends have donated a few small seedlings of kowhai, broad leaf, cabbage trees and ribbonwood, from their home gardens to kick start the project. On top of this 150 trees have been generously donated by Z Energy through Trees That Count’s marketplace. The family are eager to plant species that are not readily available but common in the Canterbury region, so their intentions are to plant beech, manuka, kanuka, mahoe, fuchsia, totara and matai. 

Annabelle Thompson relayed in her application “Our goal is to plant many hundreds of trees over the next few years, your support would be much appreciated in our humble beginnings.” It is an honour for Trees That Count to support such an awesome project and we are excited to see the results.