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Committed Waikato family going into their 13th year of planting

The Hill Family have been planting on their Waikato property for 12 years, which is testament to their commitment to environmental change. With having children, Nick relayed planting is a family effort and he hopes to pass his passion for nature onto the next generation.

The property is hilly with natural springs. Trees have been planted in separate areas, fencing encloses these bushes to provide protection from the surrounding deer paddocks. Gullies have also been lined with natives to aid erosion and to enhance water quality.

In preparation for this seasons planting, the family’s summer job was to fence off the designated area to prevent stock from accessing the site. Measures will be taken to ensure the new trees have the best chance of survival, weeds will be sprayed and possum shooting also occurs throughout the year. The Hill family have every detail planned!

With Z Energy’s support through Trees That Count, the Hill’s received 1000 trees to complete the project. Once these natives are in the ground, the whole hillside will be flushed with natives. Meaning the Hill’s would have achieved a key milestone in their project, which is exciting for the family!