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Canterbury based community group leaping towards restoration

Since 2006 the Silverstream Reserve Advisory Group, in collaboration with the District Council, volunteers and local schools, have been striving to improve the tranquility of the Silverstream area through native regeneration. This ongoing project aims to support and enhance the area’s ecosystems and biodiversity. It also serves as an educational experience for the community.

In 2018, alongside planting, effort went towards clearing woody weeds to create additional space for native plants. The next step now is to re-establish vegetation in the area and the hope is that it will create a dense green canopy. The focus now for 2019 is to restore and infill these areas with Kanuka, Toi Toi, Purei and other large species like Kahikatea.

It is the community group’s belief that this planting will create a habitat for Tuna and Kanakana, once the trees mature. It will also support the Pukekos, Kererus, Bellbirds, Fantails, Native Scaups and Paradise Shelducks that reside by the river, offering these species more nesting areas and food sources.

Through Trees That Count’s marketplace, the Silverstream Reserve Advisory Group have been donated an awesome 600 trees thanks to the generous backing of Z Energy. This will go towards their 2019 plans and with the support of Clarkville school the trees will get in the ground - it's a team effort!