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Bay of Plenty family planting for the next generation

The Furniss family have recently purchased a block of land that surrounds the gorgeous Bay of Plenty region, with views overlooking the Tauranga Harbour, Kaimai Ranges and Mauao. This 4ha block of land has recently been converted from a pine plantation to bare land. With the previous owner having milled the pines, the family’s intention is to now use the space for native planting. Trees That Count absolutely love this!

Matthew Furniss describes how a gully runs through the property, multiple springs feed into the ravine and it then connects to a stream that leads onto the Tauranga Harbour. As sleep slopes line the gully, it is susceptible to landslides and erosion, especially since the pines were milled. Planting natives on the slopes will stabilise the slopes, provide a habitat for birds that reside in the area and hopefully will support cleaner waterways.

The 500 trees generously funded by Mazda via Trees That Count, will add to the block’s already picturesque landscape. We hope this contribution will help the Furniss Family fulfil their mission to create a native oasis for future generations to enjoy.