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Auckland based Dairy Farm motivated to plant natives

With a passion for farming and New Zealand natives, the Kendall family are eager to integrate sustainable agriculture into their practises. Based in Karaka in Auckland, the family own a 20 hectare piece of land that previously was part of a large dairy farm.

Gullies cut through the property, these ravines were once flooded with noxious weeds, however, the family’s recent efforts to exterminate this gorse and privet has created room for native planting.

Through Trees That Count’s marketplace the Kendall family have received 120 trees to support their project. These trees will form a barrier between the pastoral land and creek, protecting the stream’s water quality. The family also hope these native trees will create a home for native birds, drawing them back to the property.

The Kendall’s are eager to share their passion for the environment with their community. With plans to engage the Local Young Farmers Club in their tree planting, the family hope this initiative will spark an interest in sustainability in the next generation.