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A new benchmark for Kiwi businesses

Since 2016, charitable organisation Trees That Count has been helping New Zealanders build a brighter, more sustainable future through the planting of native trees. The charity has built New Zealand’s only community marketplace connecting native tree planters with funders, and Kiwi businesses, including Z Energy, Mazda and Trelise Cooper, have backed the idea, donating generously to enable hundreds of thousands of native trees to be planted. And these businesses now have a powerful way to wear their heart on their sleeve.

By funding native trees with Trees That Count you can pair your brand with a Committed to Climate mark – a badge of honour, recognising your  contribution towards biodiversity, our climate and the community. Business owners may choose to gift trees to customers and staff, or develop their own extensive native tree planting campaigns, and be rewarded with one of three annual Committed to Climate tiers.

When trees are funded, planting groups across the country take action to ensure every seedling purchased reaches the soil – the frontline of hope in restoring our environment and reducing our carbon emissions. And as it is a registered charitable trust, every business that contributes can also benefit from
tax deductions.

Wellington Airport is just one company that has embraced the Trees That Count
initiative to ensure their carbon footprint is reduced in the most practical way,
helping nourish biodiversity, positively impact the New Zealand climate and
ultimately, the community where they operate. The airport funded the planting
of 2000 native trees, which were then planted on the Miramar Peninsula, by
local planting group Te Motu Kairangi.

Tourism New Zealand has also praised the organisation’s efforts: “Our  breathtaking forests are part of the New Zealand experience, highly valued by Kiwis and international visitors. Our forests play a vital role in our global brand and tourism is one of New Zealand’s top economic drivers supporting many communities and employing thousands of New Zealanders. It makes perfect sense for tourism related businesses to support new native forestry,” says Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall.

Trees That Count has a lofty goal to see 200 million new native trees planted and is calling on businesses – big and small – to make a commitment to fostering biodiversity and a healthy environment for all by funding or gifting native trees.

About the author

Trees That Count aims to create a national movement to plant millions of native trees to mitigate climate change. We're managed by the Project Crimson Trust in partnership with the Tindall Foundation.

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