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The MR WERP Project

A Tasman based community group is conducting a conservation and restoration project called Mr Werp. Their aim is to enhance the water quality in the Motupipi River through tree planting. Weeds along with sediment are reducing the oxygen content of the water, which is negatively affecting macro-invertebrate and fish life. 

This passionate community group are putting a stop to this! They have removed Willows that once lined the river and now the plan is to plant a 5m riparian strip with gorgeous natives. Through the support of Fonterra staff and the local school Takata Primary, the team have the labour to complete the planting! To ensure the trees can grow in optimal conditions, an 8 wire fence will act as a barrier for protection. 

The Motupipi river is 3.5km, farmers that have property next to the river have been gradually removing Willows and replanting. This project seeks to support them. Z Energy, Honda, Tohu and a range of members from the public via Trees That Count have donated 1000 trees, hopefully this will help with the final stages of the Mr Werp! 

It just shows with the effort of different stakeholders, from farmers, local business, schools to community groups, a real difference can be made!