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More natives going into the ground thanks to Enviroschools Taranaki

Enviroschools is a programme working long term to help early childhood centres and schools become more sustainable. This nationwide initiative is built around empowering students, incorporating Māori perspectives, respecting diversity and building sustainably conscious communities. 

Enviroschools Taranaki is made up of 48 educational institutions, 25 of which are early childhood centres and 23 are schools. This means 3000 students are involved and learning about the importance of acting environmentally conscious! Plastic free events and plantings days are examples of how this program engages students. There is a key focus on giving the kids hands on experiences. 

In 2018 the group planted 100 trees on Arbor Day, a result of support from local business, NPCD, DOC and TRC. Enviroschools Taranaki want to build on this, so in 2019 their goal is to plant 1000 trees. The plan is to plant these natives in a range of kindergartens and schools in the Taranaki region. 

On June 5th Enviroschools Taranaki held their planting day. A range of volunteers and stakeholders in the community participated. 1000 trees were donated to the group via Trees That Count’s marketplace thanks to Mazda. Enviroschools relies on donations and support from their community to achieve their mission. With 1000 more trees in the region, not only are schools greener but more students got to learn how special our natives are!