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Tennis acing it for the trees

Image of a tennis court with crow surrounding it

Trees That Count is the ASB Classic’s official charity partner which means 10,000 trees will be planted, plus other great stuff.

Visitors to the ASB Classic in January will be treated to a forest experience with a lush bush walk from the tournament entrance, facts about indigenous flora, and opportunities to directly fund native tree planting projects.

And they will also have the chance to help re-grow New Zealand’s native forests through an innovative partnership with charity Trees That Count.

Trees That Count will be ASB’s official charity partner at the ASB Classic, and will be the recipient of funds raised through Smash for Cash and ASB Lobbo which are run each year at the event.

What’s also cool is that ASB will also be offsetting carbon emissions for the flights of all players and their support teams to and from the tournament as well as working with Tennis Auckland to implement a sustainability plan with the aim of having no single use plastic and no landfill waste by 2022, among other environmental measures.

“We’re committed to at least 10,000 trees in a joint effort between us and our customers. The ASB Classic will have a native tree theme to give expression to this exciting new partnership,” says ASB head of community and sponsorship Mark Graham.

Trees That Count Chief Executive Adele Fitzpatrick said the 10,000 trees will have a huge impact in communities throughout New Zealand.

"Planters throughout the country are constantly applying to us for support, so generosity of this scale enables even more groups to achieve great things for their local environment. We’re also thrilled to see our native trees take centre court at the ASB Classic in January.”