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Native trees trending as Christmas gifts in 2019

image of a pohutukawa tree in flower

Kiwis en masse are looking for ways to cut back on waste for this year’s Christmas celebrations – and it's great news for our environment.

Charitable trust Trees That Count has seen a huge increase in the number of native trees gifted through their marketplace in the lead-up to Christmas, and they say it’s evident of a growing movement to put the environment centre-stage.

Trees That Count CEO Adele Fitzpatrick says the number of New Zealanders gifting native trees for Christmas has tripled in 2019.

“We get to see first-hand just how much New Zealanders care about our environment and it’s undeniable that this year, more than ever, Kiwis are focusing on what matters to them most when it comes to Christmas gifting.

“We hope this movement keeps growing, where funding and gifting native trees to mark special occasions is just part of our culture and way of life.”

In 2018, individuals and businesses gifted a total of 5,653 native trees throughout December. For December 2019, the numbers are already in excess of 15,000, with the busiest shopping days in December still to come..

Adele said New Zealanders generosity this Christmas will have enormous benefits for the environment and local communities.

“Every tree in the ground counts, and collectively that impact is just exponential. Those 15,000 plus native trees will help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, create gorgeous habitats for our native wildlife and strengthen our biodiversity.”

Visit the Trees That Count website to gift trees for Christmas or another special occasion.