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Dreaming of a carbon-free Christmas?

Here's our top tips on how to make sure your Christmas goes easy on the environment.

If you’re planning an eco-Christmas that cuts CO2 emissions quicker than Grandad can cut the turkey, then you’re in good company. 

We’ve scoured the net for creative ways to green up your Christmas, and we’ve come up with a few, ahem, crackers. Check out our big three:

O Christmas tree

You might yearn for the smell of fresh pine but a Christmas tree destined for landfill can clock up a sizeable 20 kgs of carbon dioxide. Sadly, the trusty plastic fantastic doesn’t fare any better, and if it’s made overseas you’re looking at an extra 30 kg of carbon dioxide on your year’s footprint. 

But don’t crush that Christmas tree dream just yet, there’s plenty of pinterest-worthy alternatives that will shave C02 off your yuletide celebrations and keep your festive cheer levels high:

  • Dress up a succulent in some baubles and chuck the pressies underneath - the cactus spines also double as a good deterrent for any pre-Christmas snooping.
  • Buy a potted native tree (preferably eco-sourced) from your local nursery and plant it in your backyard once the festivities are over – but remember summer time is not the best time to plant a native tree so you’ll need to give it regular water. If you’re a first-time planter, check out our video on how to get your native tree off to the best start.
  • Make a Christmas tree from books you’ve got at home (yes, it’s a thing).

Shop mindfully

There are loads of companies that have their hearts in the right place when it comes to doing their bit for the environment. We're fortunate at Trees That Count to have an amazing group of funders and supporters who sell products you'll feel good about giving this year:

  • Benetto NZ makes organic chocolate that even Willy Wonka would be proud of, all made from organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

  • All sales of the delicious 'Crimson' pinot noir from Ata Rangi help support Project Crimson and their efforts to keep  rātā and pōhutukawa thriving.

  • Curiate sells educational toys designed to inspire and engage curious kids.
  • Goodnature make smart traps that keep on top of your pest problem for you, and they're non-toxic and certified humane.

  • Buck and Baa make soft organic clothes for babies and young kids in beautiful earthy colours. Just looking at their website will make you clucky

Zero-waste gifting

Give to a charity on behalf of your friends and family this Christmas. It makes you look AWESOME and your friends and family get to feel good about what their gift is doing for the planet:

  • Gift a native tree through Trees That Count for just $10. Every tree is planted on behalf of your mate or rellie by a community planting project, helping to fight climate change and create habitats for our wildlife. You can choose from a gorgeous range of e-certificates and write a personal message. We’ll keep your lucky human updated just as soon as their native tree’s been matched with a deserving planter.

  • Donate a gift for life through Tearfund. Tearfund offers a range of life-changing gifts for people struggling against poverty. Help families and communities with everything from buying a goat to getting a small business off the ground.

  • We’re loving Oxfam’s range of unwrapped Christmas gifts which covers everything from fertiliser and manure through to a flock of chickens for communities in need. Choose a cool card to send to your loved one letting them know you’re giving them something truly lasting this Christmas.


From all of us at Trees That Count, we wish you a very happy holiday season!