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Planting in Lyttelton benefiting birdlife and the community

Overlooking the port of Lyttelton is a 9 acre block comprised of both urban and rural zoning. The Carlyon’s purchased this land back in 2014. With the ambitious mission to revegetate 70% of the property, the couple’s drive comes from their love for Tuis and all native bird life. 

Since 2014 the Carlyon’s have been working towards this restoration goal. It all started by removing sycamore trees and elderflower. In 2015 the focus shifted towards planting, where 570 trees and grasses went into the ground. Planting continued in 2016 and 2017, after areas were fenced off. In 2018 more planting was complete, of which 1000 trees were donated to the couple by Trees That Count. 

4096 trees have been planted on the property since the couple took over ownership. This number is a true testament to this couple’s conservation efforts. 2000 trees are intended to go into the ground in 2019 to add to this total, a portion again will be from Trees That Count’s marketplace - thanks to community members and Mazda! 

Concentrated on preserving each new planting, the Carlyon's ensure all trees are lined with combiguards. Traps are additionally used to fend off predators. In 2018, the first Tuis visited the property and the presence of the bellbird’s song is growing to become more prominent! 

Vicky Carlyon commented “Kereru are nesting for the first time in at least 15 years in the valley beside us, we hope the changing landscape may result in nests on our trees soon”. 

People walking and biking on the Bridal Path in Lyttelton now comment on how visible the trees are. So not only are the birdlife getting to enjoy the Carlyon’s planting, the community does too!